Vortrag von Prof. Partha Ghosh: Creativity amid Confusion: Revisiting India’s Partition

Date(s) - Mi., 25.07.2018
20:00 Uhr

DAI Heidelberg, Bibliothek

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Creativity amid Confusion: Revisiting India’s Partition

Synopsis: There is nothing to glamourize about any human tragedy, particularly if it is of the
magnitude of the 1947 Partition of the Indian subcontinent. It resulted in the massive numbers of
death, physical displacement, and the loss of dignity and honour. All put together they may total up
to no less than 25 million humans. The cumulative upshot of these processes is still being felt in the
region’s inter-communal conflicts and inter-state insecurity. Strangely, however, it is not exceptional
to see that such tragedies and resultant societal confusions do unleash human creativity. India’s
Partition experience reconfirms the premise. It is on this theme that Partha Ghosh proposes to share
his thoughts with his audience. He intends to sensitize the latter as to how several aspects of India’s
cultural forms and productions in the shape of literature, cinema, drama, architecture, music, lyrics,
food habits, etc., were influenced by the massive flows of human beings that Partition brought in its
train in a short span of time.

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Speaker: Prof. Dr. Partha Ghosh, Humboldt Fellow at the Department of South Asian History, South
Asia Institut, Heidelberg University